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Meet me in The Thrive Circle


About Our Circle

Founded by Business Operations Maestro, QPR Certified Suicide Prevention Educator, Resilience Speaker, and Philanthropist Kathy James, The Thrive Circle is a vibrant membership network dedicated to empowering individuals in achieving personal and professional goals, while supporting mental health initiatives. Through shared experiences, education, and collective action, we strive to thrive while also making a meaningful impact.

Within our circle, unity is not just a concept but a transformative and inclusive journey. Joining The Thrive Circle means embracing a supportive network where members empower each other as valued allies in their personal and professional endeavors.

Our circle recognizes that the challenges we face are universal and require a collective effort to thrive. That's why we offer a unique platform that emphasizes inclusivity and diversity that empowers individuals and organizations to actively contribute.

Benefits & More

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Thrive Circle Network

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For only $12 a month, gain access to an incredible array of benefits designed to supercharge your personal and professional growth.

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