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2024 Project Highlight

We are proud to announce the development of an animated short video series that delves into the profound impact of suicide through real stories narrated by survivors and those left behind. Your invaluable support breathes life into these narratives, making a difference in the world of suicide prevention. Together, we stand as beacons of hope, creating a community that listens, understands, and empowers. Thank you for being the driving force behind our shared commitment to compassion and positive change. 

Real and Raw Stories: Our video series shares authentic stories, not shying away from the tragic outcomes of some experiences. Narrated in part by surviving loved ones, these stories offer a powerful perspective on the impact of suicide.

Educational Focus: Beyond storytelling, each video serves as an educational tool, shedding light on warning signs, preventive measures, and avenues for support. Our aim is to equip viewers with knowledge that can make a difference.


Resource Showcase: Every video concludes by showcasing relevant crisis resources, fostering a sense of hope and providing viewers with tangible steps for support.

Sponsor our Project 

As a sponsor to our impact project, your logo will be showcased within each video sponsored, in our press release, and again when promoting the project on social media platforms. 

By joining us as a sponsor, you directly contribute to initiatives like these, fostering understanding, education, and hope. Your contribution empowers us to amplify these crucial voices and make a meaningful difference in raising awareness and support for those affected by suicide.


Your support not only demonstrates corporate responsibility but also directly contributes to initiatives that foster understanding, resilience, and hope within our community and beyond.

Sponsor for as little as $50. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities HERE.

If you’d like more information, get in touch today.

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