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Through heartfelt storytelling and vulnerability, Kathy shares her story as a child raised in a home surrounded by violence and addiction. She reveals her experiences as a young woman set to repeat family history, and how fate and purpose would reveal and lead her on a different path.

Join Kathy as she provides a roadmap for growth, guiding readers towards resilience and success. Whether navigating relationships, career aspirations, financial stability, or personal well-being, the stories and lessons within this book provide essential tools to overcome obstacles and achieve one's goals. 

  • Gain profound insights from Kathy's journey, offering a transformative experience that empowers you to overcome personal challenges.

  • Find inspiration in Kathy's vulnerable stories, discovering how these narratives, coupled with actionable steps, can propel you towards positive transformation.


Zooming in to make a difference

SPEAK: Growth
Farmingdale, New York


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Community Now Magazine
Volume 5.6 Youth Edition

"What would have changed in the coming weeks, months, and years to come, if instead of being labeled a bad kid or a bully, the choice was made to extend support, empathy, and care...

We must do better at saying "I see you" and asking "How can I help?" ...

... by taking proactive measures to reduce ongoing trauma of all kinds, reducing the risk of the cycle continuing and victimization in the long term."


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198: Resilience for Success with Kathy James

Angela Howard interviews Kathy James, CEO of She Shed Media Group, who shares her inspiring story of overcoming a difficult childhood and finding her passion for helping others persevere in their personal goals. Kathy offers advice for dealing with difficult female relationships, including taking space for reflection, finding a sounding board, recognizing insecurities, and having honest conversations.

Overcoming generational addictions with Kathy James

"Inspirational Journey's through Life with StraightTalkWithNolan".

Some snippets for you:
1. ACE helps gauge the level of Trauma.
2. My parents were addicted to drugs
3. Borderline alcoholic before 19 years
4. Idea of self-love
5. I was a bully
6. Adverse Childhood Experience
7. You are not alone!

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Voices of Women Summit 2023

Six-time entrepreneur, Kimberly Crowe, has gathered together one of the most amazing collections of influential women from around the globe that I’ve ever seen.

This one-day event will be inspirational and impactful around the world.

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