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An extraordinary story of hope & triumph. 

Succumbing to the violence, alcoholism, addiction, and mental abuse that surrounded her in childhood, Kathy started to follow a destructive trajectory.

Self-sabotaging would lead to teen motherhood, dropping out of high school and raging anger. Her lack of education and wild lifestyle left her consistently jobless and reliant on government assistance, with frequent thoughts of hopelessness. 


Yet, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Kathy experienced a profound shift in perspective that set her on a course towards personal redemption and professional success. Transitioning from a place of struggle, she emerged as a corporate trainer, entrepreneur, and a celebrated mental health advocate.

Zooming in... Making a Difference

Drawing from her own battles, Kathy passionately promotes mental health awareness, education and fosters resiliency, equipping her audience with the tools they need to cultivate a supportive community, inner strength and lead fulfilling lives. 


Her unique blend of personal triumph and professional success has earned her recognition in esteemed platforms such TEDx, Community Now Magazine, Marketing Champions, Virtual Speakers Hall of Fame and SPEAK Events. She is currently working on the launch of her first book, My Fight Against the Odds – A memoir and self-help guide for individuals striving to thrive despite adversity. 

Residing in Virginia, Kathy's impact extends beyond the United States as she shares her message of hope globally. When she is not on stage, training, or working on her book, Kathy dedicates her time to her family and to young adult mentorship, embodying her motto: "If I can win my fight, with the odds stacked against me, so can you!" 

Making a Difference!


Dana Qualtieri, Realtor

“Kathy's ability to capture an audience, make them feel a part of the story, and invoke feelings within as well as inspire will captivate you..."


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