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Broaden Awareness.

Build Resilience.

Bridge Hope.

Unlock Full Potential

Learn to navigate life's complexities with confidence. Discover how Kathy can help you unleash your true potential today.

I help organizations and individuals enhance their ability to navigate life's complexities, improving their ability to persevere. 

Learn how to conquer adversity in both
personal and professional spheres.

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An extraordinary story of hope & triumph. 

Kathy is a celebrated memoir author, the CEO of Hire Wise Solutions, LLC, Host of Hire Wise Chronicles podcast, TEDx speaker, and philanthropist. 

Drawing from her own battles, Kathy passionately promotes mental health awareness and fosters resiliency, equipping her audience with the tools they need to cultivate inner strength, and lead fulfilling lives.


For Kathy, grand dreams felt far out of reach, and her mental state was clouded by the weight of her circumstances. Succumbing to the violence and mental abuse that surrounded her in childhood, Kathy started to follow a destructive trajectory. Yet, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Kathy experienced a profound shift in perspective that set her on a course towards personal redemption and professional success. 

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Transitioning from a place of literary, mental, and financial struggle, Kathy set out to develop her mind, her skills, and her career step by step and later emerged as a Corporate Trainer, Entrepreneur, Author, and Public Speaker.

Residing in Virginia, Kathy’s message of resilience extends beyond the United States as she shares globally. When she is not on stage, consulting, educating, or writing, Kathy dedicates her time to her family and to young adult mentorship, embodying her motto: “If I can win my fight, with the odds stacked against me, so can you!”

Dana Qualtieri, Realtor

“Kathy's ability to capture an audience, make them feel a part of the story, and invoke feelings within as well as inspire will captivate you."


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