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Broaden Awareness. Build Resilience.
Bridge Hope.

Member Benefits

As valued members, you gain the distinct benefit of becoming integral partners in our shared mission. Together, we passionately champion the cause to broaden awareness and illuminate the profound impacts of trauma on youth, fostering a culture of understanding and empathy. Furthermore, your participation allows us to collectively bridge hope in the face of crisis and promote suicide prevention, as we stand united in making a positive impact in all communities. Your membership is not just a commitment; it's an opportunity to be a driving force in creating positive change, fostering a community dedicated to healing and hope. 


As a valued member, you gain exclusive access to a variety of benefits tailored to enhance your experience and foster meaningful connections. Click here for a pdf list of General Membership benefits. Email to inquire about additional benefits for nonprofits and businesses.

URC Member Benefits

URC Member Benefits

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Impact Project

We are proud to announce the development of an animated short video series that delves into the profound impact of suicide through real stories narrated by survivors and those left behind.


By joining us as a member or as a sponsor, you directly contribute to initiatives like these, fostering understanding, education, and hope. Your contribution empowers us to amplify these crucial voices and make a meaningful difference in raising awareness and support for those affected by suicide.

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Join Today

Ready to make a difference and join our vibrant community? Take the first step towards positive change by joining United Resilience Community today. Your journey with us is not just a membership; it's an opportunity to be a driving force in fostering understanding, resilience, and hope. Let's transform unity into action—join us and become a vital part of something extraordinary. 


What membership levels are available, and how do they differ?

URC offers two membership levels – General Membership and Vendor Membership. General Members actively contribute to our cause and community initiatives, while Vendor Members, including businesses and nonprofits, enjoy additional benefits like increased visibility and sponsorship opportunities.

How does my membership support the cause?

Can I contribute my own ideas or initiatives to the community?

Yes! We value the diverse perspectives and contributions of our members. Whether you have an idea for an event, project, or initiative, we encourage you to share it with us. Our community thrives on collaboration and collective creativity.

How is my privacy protected as a member?

Your membership directly fuels our mission to:

  • Broaden Awareness: Illuminate the profound impacts trauma can have on youth, fostering understanding and empathy.

  • Build Resilience: Minimize negative repercussions during adversity.

  • Bridge Hope: In the face of crises, inspire positive change within our community and beyond.

Your support plays a crucial role in these three pillars, allowing us to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Your privacy is a top priority for us. We have strict privacy policies in place to safeguard your personal information. We only use member data for community-related communication and initiatives, and we never share it with third parties without consent.

If you’d like more information, get in touch today.