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40% have reported their jobs had a negative impact on their mental health.


Mitigating the Risk of Depression & Suicide:
A Project Management Approach

QPR Certified Instructor, Kathy James, leverages her personal experiences to illuminate the pressing challenges of depression and suicide, intertwining compelling storytelling with heartfelt anecdotes. Kathy constructs a secure environment that boldly addresses the unfiltered realities of mental health issues within professional teams, adopting a project management approach to confront these challenges proactively.

Delve into valuable insights during the session on how to apply a project management framework to mitigate the impact of mental health challenges on operational resilience. Attendees will emerge equipped with practical strategies, fostering a workplace culture that ensures the well-being of team members, ultimately creating a healthy and supportive work environment.

This presentation goes beyond awareness, providing participants with a profound understanding of the contributing factors to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Kathy guides the audience in recognizing the signs of depression among team members, emphasizing actionable steps within a project management context to promote mental health and well-being within the professional realm.

75% of employees indicated that stigma was present in their workplaces.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to recognize when a team member may be silently battling mental upset or depression.

  • Understand the factors that contribute to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

  • Discover how to approach the sensitive topic of depression and suicide with compassion and support.

  • Learn practical ways to take action, equipping yourself with the knowledge to intervene and support a struggling peer.

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Join Kathy in challenging societal perspectives. Widen your lens for supportive intervention and
rewrite the narrative of your journey.  


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Dana Qualtieri, Realtor

“Kathy's ability to capture an audience, make them feel a part of the story, and invoke feelings within as well as inspire will captivate you..."
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