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Coming December 2023

Behind the facade of normalcy, Kathy’s childhood home was filled with dark secrets—a world where violence and addiction were a reality. This gripping memoir candidly explores Kathy's turbulent path, as she found herself following a destructive trajectory, succumbing to anger, self-sabotaging, and hopelessness. However, with the intervention and support she desperately needed, she defied the odds and transformed her life. 

Through heartfelt storytelling and vulnerability, Kathy provides a roadmap for growth, guiding readers towards resilience and success. Whether navigating relationships, career aspirations, financial stability, or personal well-being, the lessons within this book provide essential tools to overcome obstacles and achieve one's goals. 

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Behavior & Mental Health

Community Now Magazine Volume 5 Issue 6. pg. 20-25

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198: Resilience for Success with Kathy James

Angela Howard interviews Kathy James, CEO of Girl Fight and She Shed Media Group, who shares her inspiring story of overcoming a difficult childhood and finding her passion for helping others persevere in their personal goals. She also discusses her Resiliency Coaching Program and the impact of having a personal coach. Kathy offers advice for dealing with difficult female relationships, including taking space for reflection, finding a sounding board, recognizing insecurities, and having honest conversations.

Overcoming generational addictions – Kathy James

Episode 15 of "Inspirational Journey's through Life with StraightTalkWithNolan".

Some snippets for you:
1. ACE helps gauge the level of Trauma.
2. My parents were addicted to drugs!
3. Borderline alcoholic before 19 years
4. Idea of self-love
5. I dared people to challenge me!
6. Adverse Childhood Experience
7. You are not alone!

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Voices of Women Summit 2023

Six-time entrepreneur, Kimberly Crowe, has gathered together one of the most amazing collections of influential women from around the globe that I’ve ever seen.

This one-day event will be inspirational and impactful around the world.

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