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My Girl Fight

My Girl Fight's host, Kathy James, has invited women of all walks and ages to join her in an interview style conversation to share their personal "My Girl Fight" journeys. Kathy's goal is to remind her audiences that while our journeys are unique, we are not alone in our fights!

My Girl Fight with Christina Ching

In this My Girl Fight episode Tina shares her My Girl Fight journey of self-discovery and the realities she experienced of being a minority in the workplace and within her community. She continues to share her how she found herself feeling something deeper was missing, even as a successful lawyer. It wasn't until she began to tap into her Asian Pacific Islander heritage, that Tina was able to reclaim her passion and transitioned her career, becoming an entrepreneur, coach and motivational speaker. Today, she enjoys helping Asian American and Pacific Islander women regain their confidence and voice just as she has. You can expect a bunch of laughs and fun up to the very end so make sure you stick around for the final message and our goodbyes.


My Girl Fight with Eileen Rossall

In this My Girl Fight episode, special guest Eileen Rossall shares how she has battled with multiple severe injuries and with chronic pain. She shares her story of how these injuries made her feel overwhelmed and how the despair at one point caused her to think that her passions were lost. Her story is all inspiring and captivating! You'll have no trouble listening and watching to the end!  

My Girl Fight with Elayna Fernandez 

In this My Girl Fight interview, Elayna Fernandez, tells the Girl Fight audience about her “Once Upon a Time” story as a young woman growing up in the slums of the Dominican Republic. She shares how she sought out to learn how to read and to learn English as a second language, and how she danced with death, becoming a student of pain. Elayna, thank you for providing such great advice and insight to the audience regarding pain and trauma and thank you for making yourself vulnerable so that others can find the peace that they deserve!

Be My Guest!

Want to make a difference by sharing your personal Girl Fight story? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

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